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Timing by Granite State Race Services
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Bradford 4th of July 5K Road Race

Demographics By City/State for the 5k

adford N2723.28%
wbury N76.03%
w N65.17%
dford N32.59%
ston M32.59%
ttery Point M21.72%
dover M21.72%
shua N21.72%
lmot N21.72%
burn M21.72%
rwick R21.72%
attle W21.72%
esburg V21.72%
isburg V21.72%
uthampton M21.72%
rthwood N21.72%
field N21.72%
understown R21.72%
udon N21.72%
rth Grafton M21.72%
arlotte N21.72%
sley Chapel F21.72%
idgewater M10.86%
nchester M10.86%
stleton N10.86%