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Stafford Springs February 5k

Demographics By City/State for the 5K

Middletown, CT59.80%
Southington, CT35.88%
Somers, CT35.88%
Avon, CT23.92%
Plantsville, CT23.92%
Burlington, CT23.92%
Waterford, CT23.92%
Bristol, CT23.92%
Lebanon, CT23.92%
Norwalk, CT23.92%
North Branford, CT23.92%
Middlebury, CT11.96%
Shelton, CT11.96%
Essex, CT11.96%
Gales Ferry, CT11.96%
Windsor, CT11.96%
Northford, CT11.96%
Seymour, CT11.96%
Manchester, CT11.96%
Waterbury, CT11.96%
East Granby, CT11.96%
Wilton, CT11.96%
New Fairfield, CT11.96%
Coventry, CT11.96%
Newtown, CT11.96%